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Ano ang Relationship Status mo?


(What is your relationship status?)

Ang relationship status mo ba ay single, in a relationship, MU( mutual understanding or malabong usapan?), single and ready to mingle or it’s complicated ba yan?

Many people have many ways of describing their relationship status. Some are worried to when their status will be “in a relationship”; while others are happy with their relationships. But, what about the most important relationship that we MUST have? Our relationship with GOD?

Are you happy in your relationship today that you forgot the one who created you, the one who wants to have a relationship with you?

Or the opposite that you are worrying too much, that you are busy looking for the right guy or girl in your life that you forget that there is someone who wants to have a relationship with you?

Or maybe, you are too busy on your career that you neglect to strengthen your relationship with God?

How is your relationship with GOD?

Is it similar to you relationships that you had today? Are you more busy looking for a relationship with a person rather than establishing first a relationship with God? Is it too hard to establish a relationship with God?

Everything comes from the ultimate source of life—GOD. We can be able to relate and love others because we experienced the love that comes from the Father. We were once separated from God because of our sins but He did something for it to be broken.

Most of the time the one who is at fault should initiate the restoration of a relationship. But God broke that, He didn’t want us to be eternally separated from him therefore, He did something so that the separation will not occur. (Clingy si Lord kaya siya na ang gumawa ng paraan.) In John 3:16, “For God so loved the world that He gave up His only son so that whoever believes in Him will not perish but have an eternal life”.

Oo, clingy si Lord but ayaw niya na napipilitan tayo, kaya may free will.

It is your decision to respond the love of Christ for you. He is giving you a choice to stay or go far from Him. God did the most amazing way to have a relationship with you/us. He wants us to have a relationship with Him. God is continually doing his own ways so that you will be able to accept him, trust him, love him and depend on him. God wants you! He loves you! He doesn’t want you to see you go away from Him, to walk away from Him.

Ayaw niya na malayo ka at gusto niya close kayo.

Like any other relationship, there is a need for a get to know stage. You need to know him and you need to spend time with him. The only difference is that relationship with God will last forever. And YES! May forever! People may abandon you, people may leave you, forget you, hurt you but God won’t. His love for you lasts forever. San ka pa?

God wants you and you can freely come to him no matter how hurt you are, no matter what you did. God will accept you with open arms. He wanted you to come to Him wholeheartedly and willingly to Him.

Siya na ang gumawa ng paraan para maging close kayo… ..

Lalayo ka pa ba? Tatalikuran mo pa ba Siya? Tatanggihan mo pa ba siya? Dahil sa pagmamahal niya, nagsakripisyo siya para sayo.

He saw how his son suffered in this world so that you and Him will have a relationship so that separation will be broken.

It is your time to decide before it is too late…


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