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Jesus did not promise to change the circumstance around us. He promised great peace and pure joy to those who learn to believe that God actually controls all things.” – Corrie ten Boom

There are times that because of bad situations or unfavorable events in our lives, it is very hard to be happy and worship God with all we are. We look at the situation we are in rather than God who has overcome everything. We should never forget that GOD IS GOOD in every circumstances whether happy or sad. Whatever is happening in our lives, it is not a measure of how God loves us. His love never changes and His love cannot be measured by what we know. The only standard of how deep the love of God for us is that He sacrifice His son for us even if we don’t deserve it. There is so much to be thankful and to be happy for.

In the midst of pain, that is the time that we can witness how good God is, how he will lift us up in our situations and how he will reveal himself to us. This is the time where we can feel that God will never leave us even if we feel that we are fighting alone. We just have to trust God in all His ways and believe that everything will turn out to be good because He is in control.

REJOICE! in the Lord Always! – Philippians 4:4

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