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Words are Powerful

It was November 19, 2013, when I and my group mates had our preceptorial in my neurology class. We were given a particular patient wherein we had to perform correctly a specific neurologic exam and know its principles. Our preceptors who are neurologists were there to ask and grade us. While my group mate was explaining about the test, he was mentioning terms which are insignificant to that particular test, and then our preceptor reminded us to be careful in our words. At that point, I remember a verse on the Bible which says that words are powerful. Just as how we should be careful in choosing our words in reporting our clinical findings, it is also the same in our everyday life.

Delivering our clinical findings will affect the patient’s health or could mean misinterpretation of what we want to say especially when endorsing the patient. Miscommunication of a very small detail in the status of the patient’s health could lead to worsening of his health.

It is the same with what comes out of our mouth in terms of building relationships. Words can build or destroy relationships. That is why we should be careful in releasing words that we want to say especially when we were at the verge of our emotions. Words spoken could never be taken back. It will stay to the person once it comes out of our mouth.

Be careful with your words.

Bless others through your words instead of destroying relationships.

The tongue can bring death or life; those who love to talk will reap the consequences.

  • Proverbs18:21

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