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During our orientation in the medical school, the Dean said that it is a school of second chance. Why? Because they accept students who have failed subjects during their pre med course, who have a low NMAT score, who got kicked out in other med school. He added that past is past and we have to go on. “You are the one who will determine where you want to go”

We don’t live in our past, we leave them and learn from them. In life, we fall, stumbled, sinned and doubted God. Because of this, there may be thoughts that we are not worthy to come to God because of his holiness. But let me remind you that Jesus came for the sinners and not for the righteous. You may feel unclean before God but what He wanted you to do is to come to Him and have a relationship with Him. He came to clean and make us white as snow. You should let go of your past and start a new life with Christ. That school gave us, students a second chance to correct our mistakes and to continue and to fulfill our chosen profession. According to one of the leaders in our church, God is full of chances because even if you fail that second chance given to you, God will always give you a chance to come to Him. That is how our God loves us so much that he wants us.

Whatever you did in the past, no matter how terrible it was, God is ready to embrace you if you will let him. Those past things that you’ve done, surrender it to God and He will definitely free you from those chains. “You are the one who will determine where you want to go”- it is your decision if you will continue living with all those emotional baggages that you had because of what happened before to you or you will choose to live as Christ is the center of your life and be Free from those negative things.

The lyrics of this song has a very good message.


Alone and confused
your heart is bruised from sin

The joy is gone
from love gone wrong
and your trying to start again

I know that you’ve been hurt
and you don’t know who to trust
I won’t pretend I understand your pain

But I can see repentance in your eyes
and I know its not too late
I hear Him calling your name

White as Snow
He has made you
White as Snow
The moment you confessed
His heart forgave (Chorus)

You might think you’ve ruined
all the plans He had for you
but its for that very reason Jesus saves

White as snow
He has made you
White as snow
You’re pure and innocent
Like a dove

though you have done nothing
to deserve His pardoning
you’ve been purified by Jesus’ blood

White as Snow
White as Snow

The guilt and the shame
Is keeping you chained
Not wanting, to let you go
It’s not how you dreamed
It’s not how you planned
And you can’t see
That there’s still hope

Recieve His healing for your bruises
Recieve His riches for your rags
You cannot imagine
All the plans He has for you
So take His hand and don’t look back

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