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Let us focus on the GIFT and not on pain!


Reward and gift are different by its definition. According to Oxford Dictionary, reward is a thing given in recognition of service, effort, or achievement while gift is a thing given willingly to someone without payment; a present. Reward is something that you gain because of your own effort but gift is because of the effort of someone given to you. You get it freely.

As a student, there will be sleepless nights and failing grades while we are in the course of our studies but while this is happening there will come a time that we think of our diplomas and titles. Pain is those sleepless nights and failing grades and the rewards are diploma and titles. During Christmas, there is gift giving wherein you went shopping gifts, spent money and you became tired of walking because of looking for the right gift for your friend or special someone but then that friend and someone just received it without spending, without becoming tired.

Did you know that we all received the greatest gift? The reason why we have and celebrate Christmas is because of that gift. The gift is JESUS. God, the Father willingly gave His son for us without payment but out of love. He was the one who paid for our sins instead of us. Christmas is to remind us that the birth of Christ is the beginning of our salvation. Christmas is not just about gift-giving, singing Christmas songs, new clothes, new shoes but IT IS ALL ABOUT JESUS. HE IS THE REASON FOR OUR CELEBRATION.

Jesus is the greatest gift for us. We don’t have to do anything to gain HIM because the moment he was born, he became with us. He experienced everything a human is experiencing right now.

HE is definitely not the reward because of our own strength and effort to have HIM in our lives but He is a gift that before we open our eyes to see the world He was given to us already. We just have to accept that greatest gift. How grateful we are to received him.

Let us celebrate Christmas knowing its true meaning..


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