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It was my first time to hold a real brain with my hands during our first neuroscience laboratory. When I looked at it, it was like a piece of clay formed with many folding but when I remembered the process of how it works, it really amazed me. An organ with so many minute parts but plays a big role in our body. “God, you’re so great and intelligent that you thought how to make our brains like this”. The brain undergoes complex process that enables us to breathe, to eat, to swallow etc. When you go deep down with those processes, there is a point that no one can explain where it comes from despite of all those chemical interactions and impulses that is happening within our brain and our body. I remember a preaching that says there is an ultimate point where you can never explain or answer the question why. The answer of “why” will go to whom it began, the one with authority of all the things in the world- God.

I suddenly realized that medicine is not just knowing the principles behind every action or functions of our body but also opening my mind of how God perfectly created us as human being. Every detail is perfectly planned and created by GOD. The creation of our physical body is already an act of God’s love for us. Why would I say that? It is because He created it in a sense that will not put our physical body to easily destruct itself with just one abnormal function of a specific organ. Example a man can live with only one kidney; our body has the capacity to regulate blood pressure even without the sympathetic and parasympathetic pathways because of the so called “intrinsic tone”. For every abnormality in our body, there is a compensatory mechanism that will enable it to function properly. It was like having a back up whenever something fails to do its job. We, as humans, are a living representation of God’s love. Whose creator is never proud or never loved his creation? If the basis of life which is our physical body has shown us the love of God for us, what more in our everyday life? Will he abandon his creation? Will he leave it just like that? He PERFECTLY made us for a reason and purpose. He didn’t just make us PERFECTLY because of nothing. An inventor of the bus or jeepney made it for transportation; chemists invented the soap for cleansing our body, God created us for a REASON.

I mentioned that a man can live with only one kidney. In that statement, God is always giving us a chance to live. God is always giving us chance to come to him. When one loses its arm, there is still a chance for him to live because he has another arm to use. Even if those arms are gone, he has still mind and heart that function well. There is always an exception like the heart and the brain, we will die without it. Just like those organs, the core of our life is JESUS, if we lose HIM we are nothing. We may lose many things in this world: relationships, friends, material things and we can recover from it but when Jesus is out of our lives we are just a piece of junk- no purpose, no direction, no life.

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