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            Have you experience having a canker sore or aphthous ulcer or in Tagalog “singaw”? You felt pain and it is hard for you to eat. I just got a lesson from a canker sore.

            I experienced having canker sore at my cheek side inside my mouth. It was very hard for me to chew food on that side. Normally, I chewed food at the left side where my canker sore is. Even drinking, there was pain because once I pushed the water down that sore bump to my teeth or sometimes it was between my molars, that I had the tendency to bite it.

            In our christian life, there are times that it is hard for us to worship God or even accept His word on that day. Problems may hinder us from worshipping GOD or even attending Sunday services. Sins also hinder us to totally worship God because we felt ashamed before God when we realized that we have done something wrong to hurt him. These are like canker sore. It gives pain and hinders us to chew God’s Word. I learned that it should not be a reason to not worship and eat our food for our soul. Worshipping God should not be based on what we feel or emotions. Emotions from break-up, from the pressure in school, work or from the people around us, from problems, from financial difficulties should be the reason to worship God more.

Through these, we know that God will help us to overcome all of this and because He loves us so much that He wanted us to learn and be victorious at the end.

With the canker sore inside my mouth, I still have to eat to gain the nourishment that my body needs which will make me stronger for any physical activities I will have. From the battle we are in, we have to eat and chew God’s Word for the nourishment of our soul despite of the pain that our circumstances brought us.

            In time, the canker sore will heal and be gone and we could eat without pain. The benefit of eating God’s word is more than what we could get after the sore is gone. It will always stay in us. Unlike the sore once it was gone, it will only give us comfort to eat again without pain.”Eating God’s word” will give us strength and courage to continue to choose GOD and be with him all the way in comfort or in pain.

Don’t let problems hinder us from seeking Jesus. Problems most especially sin stop us like canker sore but it should not be. Let us overcome

“We wanted very much to come to you- I, Paul, again and again- Satan prevented us” 1 Thessalonians 2:18

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