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When I lose my focus

I go back to YOU

When I am losing my path

You remind me where to return

When I almost wanted to give up

You give me reason to go on

When I feeling alone

You remind me that You are always with me

When I am afraid

You said “be courageous”

When people put me down

YOU help me to stand up

When I fail the world

You told me that I live for YOU

When I forgot the reason of living

You remind me of your great LOVE

When I don’t understand things in life

You are teaching me how to TRUST you

When I worry so much

You said that YOU will take care of my tomorrows

When I my heart is heavy

You ask me to cast out the burden on you

When I am longing for Love

YOU remind me your love is enough

When I am losing my confidence

You told me that I am fearfully and wonderfully made

When I say I can’t do it

You always say I can

When I make mistakes

You give me second chance

When I fail you

You still accept me

I turn my back on you

Yet, your arms still ready to embrace me

For you are the Father that unconditionally loved me

A Father and a Friend

No matter what I did

You still continue to love me

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