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I was inspired by the movie Unconditional; it talks about God’s unchanging love. What inspired me the most is the story of the firebird. It is a children book but it has deeper meaning about life and love of GOD.

There was a baby oriole named by his mother Firebird because of his orange feathers. He lived for the sunshine. One day a storm came and he complained to his mother and asked “Why does God let the storm take the sun away?” His mother answered, “When you take a walk in the clouds you will know it someday. When he became old, a storm came and Firebird complained again to his mother. His mother told him that it is waiting out there for him. Firebird went up to look for answers but instead of finding it, thunder, lightning and heavy rain welcomed him. He continually searched for answers despite of the storm but when he almost wanted to give up, he saw the sun shining where it always had been.


When storm came, we did not see the light from the sun because the sky is covered with dark clouds. Even though we can’t see the sun, we know that it is there in the universe still shinning right? We don’t see it because dark clouds covered it. Storms come in our life- problems that it is impossible for us to get through it, financially, emotionally or relationships. In those times, when we focus more on the problem all we can see is darkness, just like looking up in the sky during a storm. We forget that beyond those dark clouds is the sun that is continuously shinning. God is the sun that is always shinning. In times that we don’t know what to do, don’t know where to go because of the difficulties in life; we should always remember the unchanging love of God for us. Beyond the darkness of life, there is God’s light. We have to look beyond what our eyes could see. Just like the story of the firebird, he constantly complaining about the rain but when he looked beyond the heavy rain, he saw the sun shining where it has always been.

God’s love is like that unchanging and constant. “Your (God) beauty and love chase after me every day of my life” Psalm 23:6. How reassuring is this! We just have to open our eyes to the unseen and realize how God works in our lives even at the smallest detail. That is how God loves us.

Are you not looking for this kind of love? Are you not secured with this type of love? Do you still choose to be apart from him despite of the love the Father GOD is offering us? Is there a greater love other than HIS?

Search your heart and Respond to God’s voice within you.

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